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How to Fight Your Traffic Ticket Like a Lawyer.

  As a criminal defense attorney I often get questions about traffic tickets.  Its important, if you can to hire an attorney to handle your traffic ticket to do so but for most people the stakes aren’t high enough to warrant the added expense, most of the time they caught y

How Social Media Gets You Arrested

As part of my criminal law blog I am starting a segment about law enforcement techniques .  I will be discussing the new ways law enforcement catch people committing crimes .  As a criminal defense attorney it’s the beginning of every case and many times can be avoided by simply

TOP 5 Things to Know When Stopped by Police

So maybe you have little to no contact with law enforcement, or maybe you get harassed everyday by your local neighborhood copper.  There are several things that everyone should know when making contact with police, whether you get pulled over, stopped at a checkpoint, or contacted on


After a 5 day trial we are happy to report that the jury verdict is in and it is not guilty on all counts.  Assault with a Deadly Weapon causing great bodily injury (PC 245a) NOT GUILTY. Corporal Injury on a Spouse Causing great bodily injury, (PC 273.5)  NOT GUILTY.